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  Home Office and Small Business
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Network installation
We provide, install and maintain hardware; we can advise on cabling and installation of Windows based Peer to Peer networks for small business.
Also secure wireless network to enable PDA and mobile phones etc. to access the network.

We provide maintenance contracts for monthly visits to ensure that computers are operating to their full capability, therefore trying to avoid unnecessary down-time.

If you have an urgent problem we also offer Remote Services that enable us to help you out of a jam in the evenings so that we can make a “house call” without having you wait till the next day. The only requirement is that your computer must be online.

If for any reason one of our systems need repairs that we cannot carry out at your premises/home we will lend you a computer to enable you to carry on with email & Internet whilst we repair your system.

Most small business overlook the importance of regular backups, we can advise on the different types of backup, whether it be an online service which is carried out automatically or a regular visit by us to perform the task monthly or weekly as required, and stored on either an external hard drive at your premises or kept off site on our backup drives.

Home Office and Small Business
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